New Adult Ero Romance genre: new releases and popular books, including The Layover by Whitney G., Puck Buddies by Tara Brown, All Fired Up by Vivian. This pap er investigates a particular case ofvowel lowering in 1b ero-Romance, whereby closed mid front /e/ becomes open /s/ or low /a/ before rhotics in. While sharing features with both the Gallo-romance and lb ero-romance groups, Catalan could be said to have emerged, in its remote origins, as an eccentric.

Of pleasure your pursuit of pleasure reigns supreme euphoria, should be your mode of mind Equality equality is good in romance, still it destroys eroromance. (F. H. Lea) Harper, 12:: 13-—2o(]ero). Romance of the jig-saw puzzle. (M. Van Vorst) Harper, no: 267—75(]aro). Romance of the reading-room, A. (F. G. Aflalo).